Georgina Parkin, BVSc., Cert E.P., MRCVS.

Mobile Digital X Ray

Diagnosed in Seconds, Treatment in Minutes

equine mobile digital x-ray

GEM EQUINE provides top of the range MOBILE digital X-ray machine (TruDR XL) to give all our clients a high quality, portable and almost instant X-ray service.

The Tru DR XL system is fully digital, combined with arguably the best software available to date. These combinations produce the best possible X-rays without having to move your horse from the stable door. The images are immediately displayed on the lap top screen and a DIAGNOSIS can be made there and then. This allows for the CORRECT TREATMENT to be implemented without wasting time and money! This system is one of a handful currently present in the UK and utilised in some of the worlds most prominent equine veterinary facilities.

The digital format allows x-rays to be...

Sharp Clear X-ray imagery

equine mobile digital x-rayequine mobile digital x-ray