Georgina Parkin, BVSc., Cert E.P., MRCVS.

Equine Dental Services

Power floating and Manual rasping

GEM EQUINE provides a comprehensive dental service with modern facilities including superb power tool equipment. Sedation can be provided when necessary allowing for a more thorough procedure and a stress free horse.

Modern management techniques and the demands of equine sport and lifestyle impact upon the normal wear pattern of the horse's teeth. This may lead to the formation of excessively sharp enamel points or where conformation or tooth loss drive abnormal grinding, severe overgrowths of teeth may have to be resolved.

Abnormal Wear Patterns

equine dental wear pattern hook tooth

Sharp protrusions that develop on teeth when an over-bite, underbite or other dental deformaty causes an imperfect meeting of the top and bottom arcades. Most common on the upper cheek tooth and lower last molar.

equine dental wear pattern ramp tooth

Typically premolars with a surface that slopes like a ski jump. Ramps can cut or scrape the tongue or cheek especially when an horse is bitted.

equine dental wear pattern step mouth

A cheek tooth row with one molar that has grown unopposed so it juts above the rest of the arcade. A gap in the opposite molar lineup usually initiates the abnormality

equine dental wear pattern wave mouth

A severly restricting abnormality that occurs when two or more teeth in an arcade are high, creating a series of ascending and declining grinding surfaces.

equine dental wear pattern shear mouth

A dental configuration in which the molars' grinding surfaces are worn at a sharp 60-75 degree angle. Normally, the angle is 15 degrees.

Indication of Dental Issue

THIS NEEDS TO BE INVESTIGATED! Regular inspection, generally on an annual basis is recommended to ensure comfort and peak performance.

Below you can see the LeClaire Power Tool Dental System, and a Head Support for cases which require sedation.

equine dental equipment leclaire power toolequine dental equipment head support

Tooth Structure

equine dental structure

1. Incisors
2. Upper Canine Tooth
3. Lower Canine Tooth
4. Wolf Tooth
5. Cheek Teeth - Upper Premolars
6. Cheek Teeth - Upper Molars
7. Cheek Teeth - Lower Premolars
8. Cheek Teeth - Lower Molars
9. Crown
10. Root